Our mission is to  enhance human dignity and justice in Africa through a system of values and standards where all people have a voice in the decisions that affect them.

To achieve this mission statement, AEPI endeavors to promote human rights and democratic values in Africa by strengthening their representative institutions. Giving the citizens a say in how decisions are made is fundamental to their welfare in a just environment.


To be the preferred network of African and European Parliamentarians that promotes open, accountable and inclusive governance in Africa.


To help change the unfair political, economic social and cultural structures that entrap large sections of African society in poverty, oppression and violence.


AEPI’s values are intended to describe shared aspirations that support and encourage our long-lasting commitment to the African people. They also underpin our core ethics and principles as expressed by our operations and character.

  • Freedom for all in Africa

The Human rights of an individual are inviolable. No person, or group of persons or any power structure has the right to violate them. Each individual has the right to develop according to their own capacities without being limited by gender, race or prejudice of any kind.

AEPI seeks to promote and protect human rights by capacitating traditional institutions and governing bodies to in their respect of the human rights of the people, and in recognizing and appreciating their diversity and ensuring equality and equity among them.

  • Justice for all

In its work, AEPI promotes fairness, justice, openness and transparency to all its stakeholders.

  • Democracy

AEPI promotes democracy at all times by inculcating to its beneficiaries the ideals of freedom, equal rights and equal obligations to participate in decision-making on matters that affect society.

  • Collaboration

AEPI collaboration with people’s representative institutions will be based on respect, communication, integrity and team work.

  • Learning Experience

AEPI pursues excellence through continuous learning to become smarter about what we know and what we do in the service of others.

  • Innovation

In service to others, AEPI will encourage creativity and innovation to build the future.