President Higgins urges Europe to make new beginning with Africa

Pandemic presents us with an opportunity to address the pressing ‘structural imbalances’

President Higgins called for for debt cancellation and unfair trade to cease to help Africa, not just through this crisis, but also to deal with inequality. File photograph: The Irish Times

President of Ireland Michael D Higgins has said the coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity for Europe to “make a new beginning” with Africa and respond to “structural imbalances” between the two continents.

President Higgins made the remarks at a teleconference, organised by the African-European Parliamentarians Initiative, which examined the options and difficulties of addressing the Covid-19 pandemic and the lessons learned from past epidemics such as the Ebola outbreaks.

Mr Higgins said that it was important to realise the “particularities” facing Africa when dealing with coronavirus, also known as Covid-19.

Please find here the video conference from this morning.

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