Upcoming Events

In November a Parliamentary Conference on Women in Leadership will be held in Nairobi in partnership with The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA), The Society of Clerks at the Table (SOCATT), The Countries Assembly Forum (CAF), the government and civil society. The main participants will be Kenyan women MPs. The theme for the conference is:

Value of Women Leadership – working towards a culture to protect and hold women accountable in leadership.

An exchange visit is being planned for KEWOPA and SOCATT to visit the UK and Brussels during the second half of November. KEWOPA are looking to share knowledge on various issues ranging from policies on GBV (gender based violence), affirmative action on women leadership, peace and security, and women living with disability and politics among others. SOCATT are looking to learn the best practices on oversight and legislative practices of devolved parliaments.

A Management Board meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 3rd September.

A trustees meeting will also be held in Tuesday 5th Nairobi in November.