AEPI visits South Sudan

Building on a history of a long and successful relationship in S. Sudan and a strong network with the MPs of the National Assembly. A meeting took place with the Clerk to the National Assembly. He noted that at least 150 new parliamentarians will soon need an induction programme and training, and as yet there is no programme and no funding to implement it. It was also heartening to the AEPI delegation to hear how much the previous training’s with AWEPA was valued. Many of the staff present had also benefited from the training’s and were excited at the possibility that AEPI was exploring possibilities to continue and develop the work.

Just before leaving the country they were invited to meet with Speaker Anthony Lino Makana of the transitional National Assembly. The Speaker also spoke of his value for the important and effective work that was implemented in the past. He further expressed a keen wish for AEPI to work with the transitional parliament to assist them on the journey towards peace.

Good meetings were held with the Norwegian embassy and UNDP, to discuss possible collaboration. A follow up visit is being planned for the autumn.