The People’s Vaccine

Recent months have seen unprecedented initiatives to ensure that there is equitable access to treatments for COVID-19 across the world.

Above all, in the words of one of the initiatives, “The People’s Vaccine,” the aim is to make a future vaccine for COVID-19 “available for all people, in all countries, free of charge.”

But how realistic are these initiatives when faced with intransigent nation states, governments, international organisations and the pharmaceutical industry?

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Our mission

Our mission is to enhance human dignity and justice in Africa through a system of values and standards where all people have a voice in the decisions that affect them.

To achieve this mission statement, AEPI endeavors to promote human rights and democratic values in Africa by strengthening their representative institutionsGiving the citizens a say in how decisions are made is fundamental to their welfare in a just environment.

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Responding to Covid-19: The Situation in Africa

How is Africa responding to the threat of Covid-19? Is it realistic for African countries to go on lockdown – or is social distancing an impossible ask? What has been learnt from the responses to past epidemics, particularly Ebola, and what can Africa teach the world through its experiences of public health emergencies? And what are opportunities for all of us, Africans and Europeans, in comparing and combining our approaches to Covid-19?

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